News Release: 3/22/2016 SCC Response to Federal Budget

March 22, 2016
Federal Budget’s First Nations, Infrastructure Investment Will Benefit Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is pleased with the inclusion of significant investment in First Nations funding in today’s federal budget, stating that it will serve the province well.

“We applaud this commitment to funding for the country’s First Nations people,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. “This will help bridge the disparity in living standards, and address much-needed investment in education and employment initiatives. We look forward to hearing details of the allocation of this funding in greater depth in the coming weeks.”

First Nations issues have long been a focus of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. The organization has been involved in advocacy toward First Nations education, post-secondary skills and training with special attention in the northern part of the province.

As well as the First Nations funding, McLellan said, the Chamber applauds the budget’s provision for infrastructure spending.

“We applaud new funds that are strategically directed, for projects that are ‘shovel-worthy’, not just ‘shovel-ready’,” McLellan said.

“By making this distinction when directing infrastructure investment dollars, the government ensures that the benefits are real and will enhance economic growth.”

The Chamber didn’t agree with all the announcements the budget contained, however. “We are disappointed that the planned reduction in the federal small business tax rate from 10.5 per cent to 9 per cent by 2019 has been postponed indefinitely,” McLellan added.

For further information on the Sask Chamber’s work with First Nations issues and infrastructure, visit
Dawn Barker, Director of Communications, (306) 352-2671