News Release: USA, Mexico, and Canada are all Winners in the Revised Trade Agreement

October 01, 2018
After months of often rancorous negotiations, an updated North American free trade agreement is one step closer to reality.   
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, was agreed upon in principle by representatives from all three countries on September 30, 2018. This tentative deal will go a long way in providing the much-need certainty that businesses require in order to properly conduct cross-border trade.   
“While the full details of the deal have yet to be announced, we hope it will soon be formalized and our trade discussions can go back to what we trade versus how we trade,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.
All sectors will now review the text and seek new and expanded opportunities within the USMCA. The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) will communicate further information about the USMCA to its members as these details become available. The SCC continues to recommend that Saskatchewan businesses seek diverse markets and expanded supply chains.
“We congratulate Minister Chrystia Freeland and her negotiating team for their focus and dedication. We also thank Saskatchewan’s government trade officials for keeping us briefed throughout the process.” said Steve McLellan.
Steve McLellan, CEO
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